5 reasons you need Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse for your business

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is a fully managed data warehouse, tuned and optimized for all kinds of workloads with the market-leading performance of Oracle Database.

Operating a data warehouse is a complex process. Securing it, even more so. And let’s not even talk about scaling up! These have been some of the common woes of CIOs and database administrators across the globe.

However, Oracle’s Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) has a solution to all these problems and more. It is a fully managed data warehouse, tuned and optimized for all kinds of workloads with the market-leading performance of Oracle Database. It intelligently automates provisioning, configuring, securing, tuning, and scaling a data warehouse. This eliminates all the manual and complex tasks that can introduce human error.

Let’s take a closer look at top 5 reasons your business needs an Autonomous Data Warehouse:

All-in-One Solution

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse comes with ETL (Extract, transform, load), data lake, data science, and analytics services all integrated into one well-knitted package. From moving your existing data warehouse to the cloud to building data discovery sandboxes, there is so much you can do with different use case patterns that it offers. Users can choose to use the data warehouse for not only cataloging and governing the data but also visualize data sets, analyze predictive patterns and even to deploy machine learning solutions for automating processes. Add to this the built-in support you get for multimodel data and multiple workloads such as analytical SQL, graph, and spatial in a single database instance, which takes away a lot of burden from the shoulders of the database administrator.

Simple and Intuitive

The web-based user interface of Oracle ADW is so easy-to-learn that it can be navigated within minutes to begin provisioning and analyzing data. Users get to work with visual databoards that integrate data from multiple sources and showcase information relevant to their department. Be it Finance, IT, HR, Marketing or Sales, there are special tools and information sets curated for every department. From the sales rep to the CFO, the data warehouse is designed to make everyone’s life easier by helping them at each step of their goal-attainment journey.


Secure Operations with High Performance

It is hard to find any other data warehouse/ database vendor with such defined access controls, sensitive data controls, risk assessments and robust database firewalls. With customizable private cloud in public cloud, this unique architecture delivers the highest degree of workload isolation, protecting each database from external as well as internal threats. On top of that, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse uses applied machine learning to self-tune and automatically optimize performance while the database is running. The data warehouse delivers consistent high-performance even as the data volume and number of concurrent users grows without requiring any downtime to scale!

High-Speed Queries

In a Pique Solutions study analyzing performance of Oracle Data Warehouse vs. Snowflake, it was found that when testing big data warehousing systems, with a lot of concurrent transactions, Oracle performed approximately 2 to 3 times faster than Snowflake. Oracle is the only technology provider with automated tuning, which automatically creates/drops data summaries for analytics, creates/drops columnar vector-processing formats, and automatically parallelizes workload to keep queries running fast. Oracle ADW runs on Exadata (Oracle Exadata is the best place to run Oracle Database, simplifying digital transformations, increasing database performance, and reducing costs) and features the fastest NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) storage, the fastest RDMA network, and advanced caching algorithms.

Powerful, Easy-to-use Analytics Tools

The amount of data used for decision-making within organizations has increased dramatically over the last few years. Autonomous solutions have become critical for business success as they help provide detailed perspective from large volumes of data generated every single day. Integrated analytics tools help leaders get quick access to information required for crucial decision-making, without having to wait for consolidated information from other departments and over-reliance of IT and technical staff. Business leaders would like to have a solution that is more intelligent, autonomous, agile, and devoid of IT dependency. And that’s exactly what Oracle ADW is.

Oracle’s Autonomous Database is optimized and pre-configured to allow for creation of data warehouse cloud service in a matter of minutes. It allows you to immediately run analytics on your data, or build low code apps, without the need for investment in datacenter infrastructure or additional IT staffing. Oracle ADW undoubtedly emerges as one of the most cost-effective, feature-rich and fully managed cloud services for catalysing the growth of modern businesses.

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