How Nine Industries Drive Transformation Through Autonomous Technology

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse scores over other Open Source Databases! Find out how

Database cloud services have become the foundation for growth for several organizations globally over the past few years. Remote and hybrid work cultures add to the boom for obvious reasons. According to Kenneth Research, the database cloud services market worldwide stood at $10.37 Billion USD at the end of 2019 with a CAGR of 15.7% through 2026. COVID-19 has only accelerated the growth as businesses increasingly understand the importance of integrating and automating business functions to withstand disruptions. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) facilitates this necessary transformation through a host of functions that most open source databases are not able to offer.

Total automation

The biggest advantage of Oracle ADW is that it is a part of the Oracle Autonomous Database (ADB) portfolio. As a result, with Oracle ADW you reap the benefits of ADB which brings together full infrastructure integration, comprehensive database automation, and automated data center operations to provide a complete cloud DB service to customers. Open source databases are not able to deliver such integrated solutions.

Further underscoring the potential of Oracle ADW is the speed at which it can meet the dynamic demands of customers. With a host of features like auto-provisioning, auto-configuration, auto-indexing and auto-scaling, serving a flurry of customers becomes a breeze. And when it comes to data, security is the first thing that any enterprise needs to take care of. Oracle ADW is secure by nature with automated data protection, automated security, auto-backups, auto-patching, automated threat detection and resolution, and automatic failover.

Cloud elasticity

Most open-source databases charge as per a pre-determined workload size on the Cloud. With Oracle ADW, however, organizations are not constrained by a specific number. This facilitates scalability. As businesses grow and workload increases, the TBs of storage needed on the Cloud adjust automatically. Oracle ADB auto-scales instantaneously without any downtime by adjusting requirements based on immediate workload requirements. An often-overlooked advantage is that Cloud elasticity also enables organizations to save more by shutting off compute functions for idle systems and restarting them instantly as needed.

One-stop shop

Integrating and moving data across multiple specialty databases is a significant bottleneck to efficient operations across the organization. Through Oracle ADB, businesses can query across multiple data types, including relational, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), XML (Exchange Markup Language), graph, spatial, and OLAP which gives Oracle ADW a distinct competitive edge over its open source counterparts. Organizations can take this one step further by using it to fully leverage ML for the discovery of hidden patterns and actionable new insights, spatial analysis to discover interactions based on geographic relationships, and new graph analysis to discover related connections and patterns.

Data integrity

A critical differentiating factor when compared to open source databases, Oracle ADW ensures data integrity by applying enforced unique/primary key, foreign key, and check constraints to ensure data correctness by preventing mistakes such as duplicate records. This feature is missing in most open source databases which makes Oracle ADW data among the most reliable. This allows businesses to take decisions without any risk of overlooking inconsistencies in data.

Data migration

Migrating data from one data warehouse to another can be a huge hassle and often leads organizations to stall the process. The process might necessitate re-coding all schemas and PL/SQL using JavaScript and then re-platforming. In addition, organizations often have to resort to using third-party tools that pose a significant security risk. As a result, data migration in such cases is both costly and time-consuming.

Oracle ADW, however, works on zero downtime and provides complete migration ease from Oracle Database. Even if the business was using non-Oracle data sources previously, software such as SQL Developer Migration Workbench and Oracle GoldenGate make the process as seamless as possible.

A trusted solution

Oracle ADW is based on production-hardened Oracle Database technologies that have proven to be the best in the market on a global scale, as well as best practices derived from Oracle’s forty years of mission-critical deployments. Reputed research and advisory firms such as Gartner and Forrester rate the Oracle ADW well above its competitors. Oracle ADW is automated, simple, performant, or as cost-effective, and a must-have for all forward-thinking businesses.