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Digital disruption and the role of the Intelligent Edge
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Many startups have the luxury of being born as digital natives—with the business designed specifically to harness new media, new technology, new ecosystems and new customer experiences. Established organizations however, do not necessarily have the same digital focus in their DNA. The road ahead for these organizations, whether public or private, is filled with opportunity. The Opportunity to transform the way they do business, the way they operate or the infrastructure models which support them.

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Vice president and general manager, servers and IoT systems, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
The term "Intelligent Edge" is used in many ways, but perhaps the best way to think of it is as a place. The edge is where the action is. It's a manufacturing floor, a building, a campus, a city, your house, a crop field, a wind farm, a power plant, an oil rig, a telecommunications outpost, a sports arena, a battlefield, in your car, in the sky, or under the sea. It's everywhere everything is, and it's where the "things" are in the Internet of Things (IoT).
The edge is "intelligent" because now there's technology in these places that's smart, connected, computational, and controlling. Organizations that have rolled out IoT projects have seen returns in the form of cost savings, efficiency improvements, and higher customer satisfaction scores. If you haven't mapped out your IoT strategy, it's time to start thinking about how your organization might benefit from the Intelligent Edge.


Internet of Things

Build efficient, quality synergies among humans, machines, software, and environments to achieve the business outcomes needed to thrive in the digital age. HPE’s broad portfolio of mobility and IoT solutions will help you succeed today and in the future.


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Mobility and Workplace Services

Harness the advantages that mobility services and the digital workplace bring. We’re here to help. Our experts will provide ongoing support to help you achieve better insights for IT and facilities, and better experiences that improve engagement.


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Network security

Mobility, cloud, and IoT are blurring the lines of the network perimeter, introducing new security vulnerabilities that are no longer bound by enterprise walls. Protecting your digital workplace and gaining visibility and control to proactively respond to gestating attacks is critical to the security of your business.


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